Medical data management

Scheduling appointments

Based on a defined schedule for the work of doctors, the patient will be given an appointment for a medical examination in an easy way.


Reception and patient's encounter protocol

Simply recording patient visits to the protocol book.


Reception and hospitalization protocol

Simply recording visits of patients who are treated as stationary in a book of protocols of lying patients.

Patient records management

Electronic records of all patients with a set of detailed patient information. Possibility to search for patients according to the number of health records, name and surname and PIB.

Waiting room

The concept of displaying all patients in the waiting room, and simply taking patients into the next step in the business process in a particular order.

Electronic health record management

Creating findings for first and control checks, and printing them. Insights into info about previous examinations, therapies and procedures.

Scheduling appointments for therapeutic procedures

Simply scheduling appointments for therapeutic procedures based on the defined schedule for performing therapies by locations or devices.

Therapeutic record management

Recording the course of performing therapeutic procedures, keeping notes and important notes about working with the patient. Prints the schedule for performing patient therapies.

Creating and issuing invoices

Creating an account based on the services provided and printing it on a fiscal printer. A4 invoices are also supported.

Organization data management


General information about the health institution

Records general information about your institution with basic organizational elements (location records and team creation).

Employee records management

Fast and simple records of health workers’ employees with their qualifications, schedule and function they perform.

Records of devices in a health institution

Simple record of all devices in the organization, with the ability to define the therapeutic procedures that they can implement and their duration.

Physical organization management

Record information about physical organization of healthcare institution.

Defining the basis for ordering for reviews and treatments

Creating a physician’s schedule, device and location availability to easily order patient ordering.

Creating a price list

The ability to create a price list in the preferred currency for the services provided, and optionally define the validity of the pricelist. Support for service packs.


Reports on patient visits

Reports on performed therapies

Summarized reports by selected parameters

Reports of examinations carried out

Reports on billed services

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