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Software solution for health clinics

CAREOLL enables the maintenance of medical documentation in electronic form, based on structured medical documents. Harmonized with international standards. It simplifies the scheduling and definition of patient scheduling. It facilitates the management of organization resources.

Available in several editions

Careoll is designed as a multifunctional platform adaptable to various types of institutions, outpatient clinics, spa clinics and laboratories.

CAREOLL Practice

Edition for outpatient and specialist medical institutions


Edition for Spa


Edition for medical laboratories

Careoll is with you anytime, anywhere, from any device

Just select your device with an internet connection, and CAREOLL service will take care of everything else. Service availability is 24/7. This means that you will be able to work on the application from anywhere and at any time.

Data security at the highest level

Your data is stored in the Data Center that is built to the highest world standards with a high level of security.

No installation

CAREOLL service does not need to be implemented by users. The launch of an application is realized via Internet connection as soon as possible. The complicated implementations that required long-term and additional, often unforeseen, costs are now part of the past. Therefore, the need for technical maintenance is reduced to access to the Internet.

No additional investment in equipment

CAREOLL service reduces the amount of one-time investment costs in equipment and regular overheads. It’s a whole range of costs from those related to hardware infrastructure, to operational overheads, which are necessary for the system to function properly.

Simple and intuitive

Easy access and intuitive use of CAREOLL is a great advantage for its users. The application is customized to guide you logically through business processes in your healthcare institution. Available in several languages.

Customer support

We have provided our clients with the highest level of customer support modeled on the world’s leading leaders in this field. Users are provided with written instructions, and by the end of the year video materials are available.

Constant improvement

Our solution is constantly enhanced with new features that will be available through appropriate packages.

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